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December 2021

Murray, Lawton, Rider, Harris and Hunfalvay

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

The purpose of this project is to determine if a series of oculomotor measures can predict batting and bowling performance in professional cricket players.

June 2020

Liu, Edmunds, Burris & Appelbaum

International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport

RightEye tests predict discipline at the plate for Major League Baseball athletes.

May 2020

Kubitz, Roberts, Hunfalvay, Murray

Journal of Sports and Performance Vision

Shows differences between Major League Baseball, amateur prospects, and non-athletes in visual speed of gaze.

October 2019

Edmunds, Liu, Appelbaum

American Academy of Optometry (AAO)

[Conference Presentation] Shows how better visual abilities predict O-Swing and Z-Swing propensity.

February 2019

Kubitz, Roberts, Hunfalvay, Murray

North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

[Conference Presentation] Major League Baseball players have faster eye movements in down and horizontal gaze directions compared with amateur prospects. There are not differences in upward gaze.

October 2018

Hunfalvay, Murray

Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly

Examination if prior biped tennis playing experience results in different visual search strategies for wheelchair tennis athletes.

August 2018

Hunfalvay, Kubitz, Murray, Tibbert, Bolte

Optometry and Visual Performance

Examines if differences occur in Interpupillary Distance (IPD) and Pupil Diameter (PD) between professional baseball players and non-athletes.

July 2018

Lange, Hunfalvay, Murray, Roberts, Bolte

Optometry and Visual Performance

Examination of visual and motor reaction time in athletes, non-athletes, and those with concussion.

January 2018

Applied Psychophysiology: Using Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Visual Feedback

Smith, Hunfalvay, Herzog, Beauchamp

Assessment in Applied Sport Psychology

Visual assessment benefits and tools using eye-tracking in performance (textbook chapter).

December 2017

Hunfalvay, Roberts, Ryan, Murray, Tabano, Martin

International Journal of Sport Sciences

Results suggest that athletes exhibit multiple dynamic shifts in visual fixation prior to the onset of pitcher’s action. A significant positive relationship was found between the number of shifts in visual fixations and batting average.

April 2017

Hunfalvay, Orr, Murray, Roberts

Vision Development and Rehabilitation (COVD)

RightEye fine depth perception tests demonstrate reliability and validity. Differences are found between athletes and non-athletes.

June 2016

Roberts, Tabano, Hunfalvay

International Journal of Sports Science

Examines the use of eye-tracking technology in practice and reaction of the technology by athletes.

March 2016

Murray, Hunfalvay

Journal of Sports Sciences

Eye-tracking research used to assess levels of performance with novel statistical analysis.

July 2007

Coker & Hunfalvay

Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology

Connects verbal cues with visual cues during observational learning.

March 2005


Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

Examines the visual search patterns of wheelchair tennis players related to past experience.