Link Dynamic Vision to Everyday Wellness

Vision is the most dominant of all the senses. 80% or more of all information we acquire is through sight, and 90% of our brain function is spent processing tasks related to vision. Yet, a standard vision exam lacks the ability to assess vision beyond static acuity. The RightEye Dynamic Vision Module™:

  • Transforms the traditional ‘follow-my-finger’ test into digitally tracked ocular movements
  • Illustrates hard-to-identify eye movement impairments in real-time​
  • Creates patient-friendly reports with eye movement illustrations and video playbacks​

Dynamic Vision Module Tests

The Dynamic Vision module compiles eight eye-tracking tests into one assessment that measures:

Circular Smooth Pursuit

Horizontal Smooth Pursuit

Vertical Smooth Pursuit

Horizontal Saccade

Vertical Saccade

Fixation Stability

Choice Reaction Time

Discriminate Reaction Time

A Report that Quantifies, Illustrates, and Astounds

The Dynamic Vision module produces a graphical, patient-friendly report that:

  • Illustrates eye movements and vision tracking
  • Tells a story of dynamic vision health
  • Helps you evaluate your patients and recommend treatment
  • Allows you to assign a customized training program for ongoing care

The Most Powerful Lightweight in the Office​

The RightEye VisionTracker2 device is our research-grade, eye-tracking hardware included with subscription. The device is:

  • The first office-friendly, all-in-one solution for vision-derived health testing, tracking eye movements and providing data to help you correlate them to health issues
  • Portable, not much bigger than a laptop, works wired or wirelessly, and weighs in at less than 8lbs
  • Non-invasive and can be administered by anyone in your organization in only 5-minutes

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Device

The proprietary RightEye INsight™ Platform receives recorded eye movement data, in real-time, from the RightEye Vision Tracker and Eye Tracking Application.

This cloud-based platform:

  • Analyzes and reports the data through easy-to-understand graphical reports designed to aid in the identification of visual tracking impairment.
  • Tracks involuntary ocular movements, providing an unprecedented level of granularity

What Customers Are Saying About RightEye

Don’t just take it from us, here is what a few of our customers think about RightEye!

Using the RightEye system with patients and sharing reports with neurologists and pediatricians in the community has caused our referral business to skyrocket. They really appreciate the objective information, which makes it easy for them to see what the issue is. I love my RightEye!


Dr. James Deom, OD, MPH, FAAO, FSLS

Stroudsburg Eye Specialists