Training Drills to Take Your Athletes’ Dynamic Vision from Good to Great

Competitive athletes know the opportunity for improvement lurks in every catch, pass, kick or block. The RightEye Sports Vision Video Library allows you to:

  • Improve your athletes’ sports vision with effective, easy-to-follow video drills, specific to their sport
  • Integrate visual skill-building into an athlete’s existing training regimen
  • Push performance further with incrementally more challenging training drills introduced as athletes complete your recommended program

Sports Vision Training Drills

Segmented by sport, the RightEye Sports Vision Video Training Library offers an online collection of 140+ instructional videos. The program includes the following training drills:

Baseball Hitting
18 videos

Weight Room
23 videos

Golf Putting
12 videos

Tennis Ground Strokes
18 videos

Tennis Returning Serves
15 videos

Soccer Penalty Kicks
16 videos

Basketball Shooting
27 videos

Warm-Up Drills
19 videos

A Training Video Library Like No Other

Sports conditioning is a building process, and eye training is no different. Just like cardio or weight training, athletes complete recommended RightEye Sports Vision Video Training Library drills and retest with the Sports Vision assessment to measure progress.

The Sports Vision Video Training Library:

  • Makes easy-to-follow sports vision exercises available to improve coordination, reaction times, and more on the field, court, and green
  • Online and easily accessible either at-home or during practice
  • Built on the scientific principles found in the works of Anders Ericsson from Florida State University, Mark Williams from the University of Utah, and Janet Starks from McMasters University

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