Eye Care’s First Automated Sensorimotor Exam for Binocular Vision Disorders (BVD)

RightEye Sensorimotor allows doctors to quickly and objectively identify and address Binocular Vision Disorders —and—provide an option to remedy for every patient.

Built on the FDA-cleared RightEye Vision System™, RightEye Sensorimotor allows eye care doctors to measure ocular alignment in multiple fields of gaze and a sensory test of binocular function.

Developed in collaboration with renowned eye care doctors and CPT-code billing experts, non-invasive eye-tracking technology tests, records, analyzes, and reports minute eye movement patterns at a level of detail not feasible through observation-only exams.

Here’s what you receive:

  • RightEye Sensorimotor Software—features both screener and exam modes with a battery of tests to assist in the identification of binocular and oculomotor dysfunction.
  • VisionTracker2 device—Research-grade eye-tracking device, accessories, and warranty
  • Adjustable, mobile testing tables
  • Accommodation convergence rule
  • A supply of 4-dot Red/Green glasses
  • Optional padded carrying case
  • Ongoing account support and technical assistance, including user training and deployment assistance
  • VisionTracker2 set-up and instruction manual

RightEye Sensorimotor Tests

RightEye Sensorimotor is comprised of both a screening and examination module. The system includes four standard tests and complete reports for insurance reimbursement purposes. Customizable options include five oculomotor tests, CI survey, and randot test.

9 Point Motor Function

Near Point of Convergence

Cardinal Gaze

4-Dot Test

Fixation Stability

Random Dot Stereogram

Circular, Horizontal, & Vertical Smooth Pursuits

Horizontal & Vertical Saccades

What Does ‘Increased Revenue per Patient’ Mean for Your Practice?

Use the below calculator to estimate how much more revenue per year RightEye Sensorimotor could earn for your practice.