For Every Doctor. For Every Patient.

Studies show that 30% of people have binocular visual tracking impairments*. While all doctors understand the importance of running sensorimotor exams on their patients to identify these issues, traditional tests are time-consuming, not quantifiable, and lack visual reports that help lead to a diagnosis and treatment—until now.

RightEye Sensorimotor allows doctors to quickly and objectively identify and address visual tracking impairments in every patient.

*Multiple published research studies have shown approximately 30% of adults suffer from binocular visual tracking impairments. Click here for more details.

  • Increase Annual Practice Revenue up to 15%

    RightEye Sensorimotor increases practices revenue without adding additional, non-billable time or processes for doctors.

  • Seamless Practice Integration

    RightEye Sensorimotor provides an efficient and effective tool that can be integrated into all practice patient flow with little to no effort.

  • Expand Care for 30% of Your Patients

    RightEye Sensorimotor improves care by running a 'standard of care' exam on every patient, not just those identified by the doctor.