Ensure Every Student Has the Vision Skills Required to Learn

As an educator, you’re expected to maximize the learning outcomes of every student. But what happens when they have an undiagnosed visual disorder? Identify hard-to-detect visual impairments that can impact reading and learning:

  • Assess the visual impairments of your student body
  • Combine with other assessments to identify problems severe enough to affect learning and behavior
  • Help maximize student potential

A Solution With Many Benefits

Our Innovative Eye-Tracking Technology Can Help Students Reach Their Potential!

  • Identify Vision Issues

    Identify students with vision issues that may be misdiagnosed as developmental disorders.

  • Improve Learning Outcomes

    Ensure every student has the visual health to succeed at school with an objective eye movement solution built into your annual student health screening.

  • Help Students Recover from Injury

    Run baseline tests on students to have objective comparable data to assist in identifying TBI injuries and help students better recover.

How RightEye Fits into Your School System

The 5-minute, non-invasive RightEye assessment can be administered by any medical professional in the school system, making it easy to build into your annual health screenings. The objective, illustrative reports allow for easier communication and understanding between educators, students, and parents.


Students complete the 5-minute RightEye vision assessment during their annual health screening process


The school nurse or other qualified staff reviews graphical reports with students and parents to understand areas of visual impairment


Students identified with dynamic visual impairments are referred out to a RightEye-affiliated medical provider


Students are reassessed after completing the doctor’s vision training program

The Perfect Solution to Improve Your Students’ Vision

Our Dynamic Vision module paired with the Reading Skills Module is the perfect solution for your students, and includes:​

  • VisionTracker2 device — Research-grade eye tracking device, accessories, and warranty​
  • Dynamic Vision Module — Uncover and illustrate eye movement impairments through eight eye-tracking tests
  • Reading Skills Module (sold separately) — Uncover vision tracking problems that interfere with reading and learning
  • RightEye Therapy Games — Gamified eye-tracking tests taken in-office to improve reading and learning skills
  • Account and technical support, including training and deployment assistance​

Changing Students’ Lives with RightEye

Public and private school systems have built RightEye into their annual health exams to better assess their student body’s visual health.

“I recommend baseline eye-tracking screenings for everyone, especially children. The reality is that a TBI can result from a car accident, playing sports, or a playground fall. All too often, these ‘stealth concussions’ go undiagnosed and untreated, with severely negative consequences that affect adults’ ability to perform routine tasks and kids’ ability to learn and function in school.”

Dr. Tanya Polec, OD, FCOVD

Sports Medicine Rehabilitation and Concussion Center (SPARCC)