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October 2021

Carrick, Azzolino, Hunfalvay, Pagnacco, Oggero, Arcy, Adbulrahman, Sugaya


A retrospective clinical review of pupillary light reflex. Results show differences in age, gender and concussion status.

June 2019

Bolte, Kubitz, Roberts, Hunfalvay, Tyagi, Murray

North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

[Conference Presentation] The purpose of this study was to examine the reliability of oculomotor behavior metrics in healthy individuals, to determine the normative values through cluster analysis, and to compare oculomotor behavior metrics by age groups in a suite of digitized eye-tracking tests.

February 2019

Murray, Kubitz, Roberts, Hunfalvay, Bolte, Tyagi

Vision Development and Rehabilitation (COVD)

This article discusses reliability and normative data across many of the RightEye tests.

July 2018

Lange, Hunfalvay, Murray, Roberts, Bolte

Optometry and Visual Performance

Examination of visual and motor reaction time in athletes, non-athletes, and those with concussion.

March 2018

Byrom, McCarthy, Scheueler, Muehlhausen

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

RightEye technology cited in providing reliable estimates of eye-tracking parameters.

February 2018


Optometry and Visual Performance

This opinion piece discusses the use of eye-tracking in clinical practice, including benefits of such technology.

July 2017

Murray, Hunfalvay, Bolte

Translational Vision Science and Technology

The purpose of this study was to determine the reliability of interpupillary distance (IPD) and pupil diameter (PD) measures using an infrared eye tracker and central point stimuli.

April 2017

Murray, Hunfalvay, Roberts, Lange

Vision Development and Rehabilitation (COVD)

RightEye DVA tests demonstrate strong reliability results