Validate Treatment & Increase Patient Compliance

The FDA-cleared RightEye Vision System™ allows you to:

  • Validate and illustrate pre-and-post rehabilitation program results
  • Quickly and objectively identify eye-movement related impairments
  • Combine ocular testing with body positional changes to better understand vestibular and balance issues
  • Improve patient commitment to treatment with easy-to-take tests and easy-to-understand results
  • Convert more consultations into longer-term, more compliant patients

A Solution With Many Benefits

Our Innovative Eye-Tracking Technology Can Help Your Practice!

  • Validate Treatment

    Objective data replaces subjective measurements to confirm patient progress as a result of your treatment.

  • Improve Patient Communication

    Benefit from a powerful tool—rich in images and videos—that make it easy to explain your clinical observations, validate the patient's symptoms, and demonstrate a need for treatment.

  • Convert Consultations Into Patients

    With objective data and graphical reports, new patients will feel more confident in your therapy program and more likely to convert into long-term patients.

It’s Easy to Add RightEye to Your Workflow

RightEye was built to add revenue to your practice. The 5-minute, non-invasive test can be administered by anyone in your office so you can focus on patient care while also increasing the number of patients you see daily.


Identify at-risk patients via clinical observation or system intake form


Assessment can be administered in 5-minutes by anyone in your office


Graphical reports and norms illustrate areas of impairment


Prescribe treatment or assign online, at-home Dynamic Vision Trainer

The Perfect Solution for Your Practice

The RightEye Core Dynamic Vision Module is the perfect solution for your chiropractic or rehabilitation practice and includes:​

  • VisionTracker2 — Research-grade eye tracking device, accessories, and warranty​
  • Core Dynamic Vision Module — Uncover and illustrate eye movement impairments through eight eye-tracking tests
  • Account and technical support, including training and deployment assistance​
  • Custom Assessments & Individual Reports (sold separately) — ​Customize patient exams to run only the tests and produce only the reports you select

Practices Changing Patients’ Lives with RightEye​

Practices just like you have built RightEye into their workflow and have seen an overwhelming response from patients and parents.

“I’m by far the busiest I’ve ever been and the only thing I’ve changed is adding the RightEye system.”


Dr. Cedrick Noel, DC, DACNB

Noel Brain & Spine