Eye-tracking therapy eases patient’s double vision, dyslexia

A local optometrist will receive national recognition for the progress a patient made in optometric vision therapy that allowed him to read easily.


RightEye Reveals EagleEye Performance Vision is the Winner of its 2020 Impact Award (™)

Dr. Neil Renaud of EagleEye Performance Vision in Holland will be honored for his dedication to improving his patients’ lives, at an unique awards  ceremony on Friday March 13th at noon at the EagleEye Performance Vision offices.

  • March 26 - March 29


    at New York, NY

TEDx Talk

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TEDx Talk

The Doc Rocks at TEDx

RightEye's Dr. Melissa Hunfalvay explains how our eyes are a window to our health.

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Optometrists have a critical role to play in helping to evaluate concussions and brain function alongside an interdisciplinary treatment team.

Vision and learning are intimately related. In fact, there are 17 individual visual skills that are vitally important for reading and learning – from acuity to focusing, tracking, teaming and perception.

After a traumatic brain injury, Colette Brown was left with plethora of functional vision issues that impacted her daily life. She turned to Dr. Ashkan Jalili at Equinox Integrative Wellness Center for help with her recovery.