RightEye Product Review (Medgadget)

Many readers will be familiar with visiting an eye doctor to receive a range of exams to evaluate attributes such as visual acuity, color blindness, eye movement, depth perception, or the presence of glaucoma. These vision tests focus on the eyes themselves and how well they are functioning.


RightEye Unveils EyeQ Trainer–The First Personalized Computer-Based Vision Training for Patients with Visual Dysfunction

RightEye LLC, an award-winning health technology company that uses eye tracking to revolutionize patient care and improve vision performance, today unveiled its new EyeQ Trainer computer-based vision rehabilitation program at Optometry’s Meeting® 2018

  • September 20 - September 23


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    Location: St. Louis, MO

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TEDx Talk

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TEDx Talk

The Doc Rocks at TEDx

RightEye's Dr. Melissa Hunfalvay explains how our eyes are a window to our health.

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