Elite Athletes Have World-Class Dynamic Vision

Research shows that better dynamic vision leads to improved athletic performance — and the best athletes in the world all have elite dynamic vision — no matter the sport. The FDA-cleared RightEye Vision System:

  • Tests, records, and analyzes eye movement patterns
  • Provides quantitative, objective baseline records that are compared to athletic norms
  • Improves your athletes’ dynamic vision with a 140+ video library of vision exercises

Build an objective, repeatable program to systematically assess and improve the dynamic vision of your sports organization.

“The PDP is all about helping elite amateur athletes achieve their maximum potential, and sports vision and functional vision are areas of growing importance for our game. RightEye has already provided us with an innovative foundation for objectively measuring and assessing the sports vision performance of our athletes. This year, we aim to continue to improve our collaboration by delivering additional developmental opportunities to our athletes.”


Rick Riccobono

Chief Development Officer, USA Baseball

A Solution With Many Benefits

Our Innovative Eye-Tracking Technology Can Help Your Sports Organization!

  • Improve On-Field Performance

    Objectively identify visual impairment affecting performance with a test that recommends customized training programs.

  • Monitor Recovery

    Quantifiably understand and monitor the recovery of athletes that experience TBI-related incidents.

  • Better Assess Prospects

    Objectively understand the dynamic vision of every prospect and how they compare against their peers

How RightEye Fits into Your Organization

Sports organizations are continually searching for new advantages over their competition. Implement a systematic RightEye program that improves the dynamic vision of your organization’s athletes.


Athletes complete their first 5-minute assessment to gather baseline data.


Team doctors review results, identify players with visual impairments, and compare them to athletic norms.


Athletes flagged with dynamic visual impairments are assigned a customized online training program.


Athletes are reassessed after completing a training program or after suffering from a TBI-related injury.

Improve On-Field Performance Through Sports Vision Training

RightEye offers a sports vision improvement programs that deliver on-field results:

Am on-demand, online Sports Vision Training Video Library of 140+ instructional videos, featuring 690 sport-specific exercises, to improve your athletes’ sports vision        

The Perfect Solution to Improve Athletic Performance

Our Core Dynamic Vision module paired with the Sports Vision Module is the perfect solution for your team and includes:​

  • RightEye VisionTracker2— Research-grade eye tracking device, accessories, and warranty​
  • Core Dynamic Vision Module — Uncover and illustrate eye movement impairments through eight eye-tracking tests
  • Sports Vision Module (sold separately) — Improve on-field performance by taking your athletes’ vision from good to great
  • Sports Vision Training Videos (Included in Sports Vision Module purchase) — A library of 140+ sport-specific training drills to improve an athlete’s visual on-field performance
  • Account and technical support, including training and deployment assistance​

Improving Athletic Performance with RightEye

Professional, amateur, collegiate, high school, and youth sports teams all use RightEye to systematically improve their team’s on-field performance and monitor dynamic visual function in the event of an injury.