Feedback from hundreds of doctors was incorporated into a new, commercialized version of EyeQ Trainer computer-based oculomotor training

LAS VEGAS and BETHESDA, September 18, 2019 – RightEye LLC, an award-winning health technology company that uses eye tracking to improve vision performance, is proud to release its fully commercialized version of EyeQ Trainer, a game-changing oculomotor exercise program. Paired with its suite of EyeQ Tests, RightEye now offers a complete solution for addressing functional vision impairments faced by millions of Americans. The product will showcase at Vision Expo West taking place September 18-21, 2019 in Las Vegas (RightEye booth LP9109) and is available online starting tomorrow for prescribers.

RightEye EyeQ Trainer features a completely revamped user experience that is more fun and easier to use through gamified features. The commercialized version incorporates feedback from hundreds of doctors who participated in a year-long beta test of the product. The new product also adds flexibility to both workflows and the user experience so doctors have more control and patients have more choices.

RightEye’s FDA-cleared eye-tracking system has already been adopted by nearly 700 optometrists and other providers, and more than 200,000 functional vision tests have been conducted. However, while RightEye’s eye-tracking tests have become the leading tool for uncovering functional vision issues, many primary care optometrists have been asking for an accompanying treatment solution.

The solution: EyeQ Trainer at-home oculomotor training program. Under the supervision of a health care provider, customized computer-based exercises are assigned by the provider to patients when deficiencies are identified by RightEye’s eye-tracking EyeQ Tests.

Why EyeQ Trainer is Needed
Functional vision issues include misalignment of the eyes when fixating, poor eye teaming, overshooting or undershooting of one or both eyes, and instability of movement. Undetected functional vision problems like these afflict millions of people. These issues manifest with symptoms that include difficulty reading, headaches, poor balance, and compromised athletic performance–such as inconsistency and poor judgement of distances when catching or throwing a ball. In addition, research has shown that 90% of people who have had a concussion also have a related functional vision issue. Another study demonstrated that 25% of children struggling with reading also have functional vision issues.

The Solution is Here
Together, RightEye’s EyeQ Trainer and its EyeQ Tests provide optometrists the only comprehensive technology that helps them uncover functional vision issues.

EyeQ Trainer exercises are assigned by the provider based on RightEye’s eye-tracking EyeQ Tests. Exercises take about ten minutes per sitting, and can be completed using any computer or tablet, which the patient does for up to 30 days. After the patient has completed their prescribed training program, they return to their provider for retesting.

“Today marks a major milestone for both RightEye and for the optometry market. We now offer a complete functional vision platform that can be easily utilized by any primary care optometrist,” said Adam Gross, RightEye co-founder and CEO. “Doctors spoke and RightEye listened. By fusing EyeQ Trainer to our award-winning EyeQ Tests, we can help improve the lives of millions while creating new revenue opportunities for our providers.”

RightEye EyeQ Trainer activates the eyes’ muscles which results in better functional vision, and smoother and more accurate eye movements that directly impact quality of life. The result is training of all 12 muscles of the eyes, while signals from the brain are strengthened.

According to RightEye data, patients using EyeQ Trainer experienced an improvement of up to 17% in their functional vision measurements after just one week of use, and 93% of patients reported feeling better.

“During the past fifty years, there have been just a handful of significant technology shifts in the eye care industry and RightEye is one of them. It adds a completely new dimension for vision care,” said Kristopher May, OD, FAAO. “Beyond addressing refractive error to improve visual acuity and assess ocular health problems, I can now fully evaluate and treat functional vision issues. RightEye enables us to offer a truly comprehensive vision exam to address the needs of many more patients.”

Applications for EyeQ Trainer include:

  • Primary care optometrists have an opportunity to identify and help new and existing patients who they are not helping today — but are already sitting in their waiting rooms. This gives them an opportunity to become more medically-oriented practitioners and have deeper patient relationships.
  • Vision therapists can supplement their already-comprehensive therapy programs with a computer-based exercise program that patients do at home.
  • Neuro specialists can use eye-movement exercises to stimulate regions of the brain to accelerate healing.
  • Rehab hospitals can complement their neuro-rehabilitation programs to improve recovery.
  • Sports trainers can improve the visual concentration, visual processing and ball-tracking ability of their athletes, as well as help prevent injuries.
  • Military can improve performance vision and prevent injuries for soldiers.
  • Schools can identify and address functional vision issues to improve learning.

EyeQ Trainer will be available to RightEye Providers beginning September 19th . For more information visit

About RightEye LLC
RightEye LLC is a health technology company using eye tracking and gaming to revolutionize health care and vision performance through innovative vision tests and vision training games. RightEye EyeQ helps health care providers assess concussions, eyesight, brain and reading disorders, and performance issues in patients by following a science-based, metric-driven methodology. Using a cloud-based platform, RightEye EyeQ provides reports within minutes to give providers an objective, measurable way to view the quality of a person’s vision and track the success of various treatments, while EyeQ Trainer provides an effective training program that remains under the doctor’s oversight. RightEye customers include nationally recognized optometrists, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, emergency rooms, professional sports teams and the U.S. military. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.