EyeQ Trainer
Transform patient lives with computer-based exercises.

Better vision is only a trainer away.

RightEye EyeQ reports show visual dysfunction or opportunities to improve for an amazing range of health, vision and performance conditions. That, alone, is a giant leap forward in eye science. But the real magic is what happens next: Getting patients better with EyeQ Trainer.

It’s physical therapy for the eyes.

EyeQ Trainer is a computer-based treatment option proven to help improve visual health. Pulling from a library of exercises, each EyeQ report automatically assigns personalized vision plans that patients complete at home under the supervision of their doctor. Exercises take about ten minutes per day for just a few weeks.

Rehabilitation and improvement are the holy grail.

EyeQ Trainer trains all 12 muscles of the eye. It rehabilitates all six movement systems of the eye and  promotes positive plasticity in the neural substrates. The result is improved functional vision and smoother, more accurate eye movements —  leading to better focus and concentration, improved balance and hand-eye coordination and enhanced performance in everything from reading to driving to sports.

The proof is in the retesting.

Once patients fulfill their exercise programs, they return to their doctors’ offices to be retested. The updated RightEye EyeQ report objectively and accurately verifies physiological progress and identifies opportunities for improvement. What makes us so sure EyeQ trainer works? The science is based on well-known mapping of visual and brain circuits outlined by Dr. John Leigh and Dr. David Zee in The Neurology of Eye Movements.

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