EyeQ Trainer
Transform patient lives with computer-based oculomotor exercises.

93% of patients report feeling better after just one week.

Better functional vision is only a personal vision trainer away. EyeQ Trainer is a computer-based oculomotor exercise program designed for patients to complete at home under the supervision of their doctor.

It’s physical therapy for the eyes.

EyeQ Trainer is a computer-based treatment option to help improve vision tracking impairments. Eye exercises are assigned by a provider specifically for each patient based on a review of their RightEye EyeQ test results. Gamification features including Coach EyeQ, a personal avatar coach, and achievement badges increases patient compliance to complete the workout plan.

Improvement is the holy grail.

EyeQ Trainer trains all 12 muscles of the eyes. It can assist in the rehabilitation of all six movement systems of the eye and promotes positive plasticity in the neural substrates. The result is improved functional vision and smoother, more accurate eye movements — leading to better focus and concentration, improved balance and hand-eye coordination, and enhanced performance in everything from reading to driving to sports.

Test. Treat. Track.

Functional vision issues are experienced by tens of millions of people, which can have an effect on balance, coordination, concentration, reaction speed, reading ability and overall well-being.

Serve more patients with medically oriented services

Vision Therapists
Supplement your already comprehensive therapy programs

Rehab Hospitals
Supplement existing neuro-rehabilitation programs to improve recovery

Sports Trainers
Improve visual concentration, reaction time and ball-tracking abilities

Neuro Specialists
Accelerate healing with an oculomotor exercise program

Address functional vision issues to improve learning

How to grow your practice with EyeQ Trainer

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