Kamilah Wimberly

Director, Customer Success

Kamilah Wimberly is an analytical and creative customer success leader with 15+ years of improving efficiency, performance coaching, retention, engagement, and growth strategy experience. Kamilah is a proven strategist and leader who has helped lead global and domestic sales and customer success teams that consistently exceeded revenue and retention goals.

Before joining RightEye, Kamilah worked in sales operations and engagement for large non-profits. While working in non-profits, Kamilah has helped raise and grant over $500 million for food relief, education, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injuries, breast cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

As Director of Customer Success, Kamilah and her team are responsible for supporting, engaging, and fulfilling orders for all RightEye customers. Kamilah holds a B.S. in Psychology with a double minor in Public Health and Business Administration.