Adam Gross

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Adam Gross was born and raised in Miami, Florida. After completing his Bachelors of Science from Syracuse University, Adam moved to Washington, D.C., and entered what would become the start of a 20+ year entrepreneurial career. A veteran of three separate start-up success stories, Adam brings to RightEye a combination of experience, work ethic and know-how to develop critical strategic alliances, navigate initial product launches and facilitate growth. Most recently, Adam co-founded and built a healthcare cost containment company into an industry leader. When a larger competitor acquired that company, Adam oversaw the transition and integration before leaving to start RightEye.

As RightEye’s CEO, Adam is responsible for directing overall corporate strategy, sales, marketing and product implementation for the company. The impetus behind Adam’s passion for RightEye is a strong desire to build relevant technology that is innovative and that also has a direct, positive and quantifiable impact on real lives.