Sports Vision Trainer
Watch the competition eat dust.

Want to win? The eyes have it.

Competitive athletes know the opportunity for improvement lurks in every catch, pass, kick and block. So when a RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ test reveals deficiencies in vision performance, Sports Vision Trainer makes available easy-to-follow vision exercises to improve coordination, reaction times and more on the field, court and green.

Vision training where you want it, when you want it.

RightEye Sports Vision Trainer is an on-demand sports vision program that can be performed everywhere—during practice and at home. Segmented by sport and skill level, Sports Vision Trainer offers individualized exercises through an online library of 150+ instructional videos developed from scientific principles found in the works of Anders Ericsson from Florida State University, Mark Williams from University of Utah and Janet Starks from McMasters University.

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When it comes to sports, we get specific.

Sports Vision Trainer allows athletes and their coaches to integrate visual skill building into a player’s existing training regimens. And the recommended exercises are specific to each athlete’s sport:


Prove yourself. Again and again.

Sports conditioning is a building process, and eye training is no different. Just like cardio or weight training, RightEye athletes fulfill their recommended vision programs, then measure improvement with a RightEye EyeQ re-test. Objective and accurate, the resulting report verifies vision progress, identifies opportunities for additional improvement and provides the data for the next set of sports vision exercises. Just as the potential for growth is indefinite, so are the possibilities for improvement with RightEye.

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