Latest RightEye Update Allows Providers to Uncover, Illustrate, and Improve Dynamic Vision Like Never Before, Leading to Enhanced Patient Wellness

Bethesda, MD – 1/20/21 – RightEye LLC today announced the launch of its Version 4.0 update to the RightEye Vision System™. This update offers three improvements including a new dynamic vision assessment module, an expanded and updated reference population dataset, and a modern dashboard and user interface.

The new Dynamic Vision Assessment Module combines the existing Functional Vision and Brain Health Modules into a single streamlined assessment that makes it easier for providers to identify eye movement impairments, illustrate a patient’s unique profile, and ultimately help improve dynamic vision to maximize their everyday health and wellness. Simple visualizations and scores, along with the ability to track, compare, and show progress over time, make it easier to interpret test outcomes and communicate results to patients.

An updated and expanded analytical dataset is derived from a reference population 19 times larger than the previous version and has become the gold standard for eye movement behavior across the age spectrum. With robust age-based ranges included within all RightEye tests, providers can now compare individual visualizations at a higher level of granularity, leading to a more in-depth understanding of their patients’ dynamic vision.

Additionally, the RightEye dashboard was completely reimagined – from login to user management – providing users more information, faster. The redesigned interface puts every data point at a user’s fingertips and robust universal search functionality allows them to effortlessly find every test, patient, or note.

“Successful patient outcomes are grounded, in part, on data, and Version 4.0 will help our customers unlock new and powerful insights based on big data insights,” said Melissa Hunfalvay, PhD, Chief Science Officer, RightEye. “When providers are able to rely on accurate and reliable data, track patient progress, and uncover impairments with ease, patients’ outcomes improve, and lives are changed for the better. At RightEye, we are dedicated to constantly improving our platform’s functionality, user experience, and clinical utility.”

“As leaders and innovators in the emerging dynamic vision space, RightEye is committed to providing a product built on user priorities and continuous improvement,” said Adam Gross, CEO, RightEye LLC. “This new Version is designed to help our users obtain important insights faster, with increased visual and functional clarity. We’re excited to roll out this update to our loyal and passionate customers.”

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About RightEye LLC

RightEye LLC is an eye movement behavior biomarker company using eye-tracking technology to revolutionize health care and vision performance through innovative vision assessments, tests and training programs. RightEye technology supports health care providers, sports organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions in assessing patients’ visual dynamic vision and athletic performance issues with evidence-based, metrics-driven methodology. Using a cloud-based platform, RightEye provides data-rich reports offering an objective, measurable way to view eye movement quality and monitor treatment success. RightEye’s Dynamic Vision Trainer provides an effective, at-home oculomotor training program that doctors oversee. Customers include vision care providers, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, professional and amateur sports teams, and the U.S. military.