RightEye Partnership with Bernell, an Industry-Leading Ophthalmic Solutions Distributor, Expands Reach of RightEye’s Revolutionary Eye-Tracking Technology Among Vision Care Professionals

BETHESDA, MD, MARCH 16, 2021 — RightEye LLC, a global leader in dynamic vision assessment and training, today announced a reseller partnership with Bernell, a distributor of premier ophthalmic solutions. This alignment puts both companies at the forefront of supporting vision care providers who are working to improve patient care and will deliver the RightEye Vision System™ to customers serviced by Bernell.

Life is not static and 20/20 vision is not enough. Life’s most essential activities require dynamic vision skills such as vision tracking, eye teaming, eye-hand coordination, and more. Without these dynamic vision skills, our balance, reading comprehension, ability to drive – our overall wellness – is all compromised. RightEye’s non-invasive eye-tracking technology is the only solution that tracks, records, and illustrates dynamic vision.

“We are eager to partner with Bernell, a global leader in providing vision care solutions,” said Adam Gross, CEO and Co-Founder of RightEye. “Our partnership will assure increased access to RightEye technology and allow optometrists and other vision care providers the ability to record, analyze, and report minute eye movement patterns at a level of detail not feasible through observation-only exams.”

Bernell serves the ophthalmic community by developing and marketing unique, yet necessary solutions for doctors to assist their patients in reaching their maximum visual potential. Carrying over 2,000 ophthalmic products for primary care, vision training, and rehabilitation, now Bernell will also offer the RightEye Vision System to customers around the world and build awareness of RightEye’s eye-tracking technology.

“We have already been in discussion with customers excited about offering eye-tracking technology to their patients,” said Chris Andrews, President of Bernell. “The RightEye Vision System is complementary to our other vision care offerings allowing Bernell to provide the most comprehensive suite of products to our customers interested in advancing patient care.”

About RightEye LLC

RightEye LLC is an eye movement behavior biomarker company using eye-tracking technology to revolutionize health care and vision performance through innovative vision tests and vision training programs. RightEye technology helps support sports organizations, health care providers, and educational institutions with the assessment of their patients’ visual impairment, reading disorders, and athletic performance issues by following an evidence-based, metrics-driven methodology. Using a cloud-based platform, RightEye provides data-rich reports that offer an objective, measurable way to view the quality of a person’s eye movement and monitor the success of various treatments. RightEye’s Dynamic Vision Trainer provides an effective oculomotor training program that remains under the doctor’s oversight. RightEye customers include recognized professional and amateur sports teams, vision care providers, hospital systems, rehabilitation facilities, and the U.S. military.

For more information, visit www.RightEye.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About Bernell

Bernell Corporation is dedicated to serving the ophthalmic community by developing and marketing unique and necessary solutions for doctors to assist their patients in reaching their maximum visual potentials. In addition to the vast assortment of primary care and optical products offered, Bernell provides the largest assortment of Vision Training, Enhancement, and Rehabilitation products of any company in the world.

For more information, please visit www.Bernell.com or call (574) 259-2070.