In 2016, Colette Brown suffered from whiplash in a car accident that resulted in post-concussion symptoms. This traumatic brain injury (TBI) left Colette with functional vision issues that impacted her daily life. Immobilized, she was unable to fully care for her children, and because her balance was so affected she could not stand in the shower or even walk.

“Doctors told me to rest, take brain breaks. I spent a lot of time on bed rest and in dark rooms,” says Colette Brown.

As a young mother, Colette helplessly searched for relief. After 2 years of struggle, Colette turned to Carrick-trained Dr. Ashkan Jalili at Equinox Integrative Wellness Center. Right away, Dr. Jalili was able to identify dysfunction that no other doctor was even able to test for, and within a month of treatment Colette was cleared of many of her post-concussion symptoms.

Dr. Jalili’s evaluation process includes conducting 30-35-minute patient interviews in addition to a neuromusculoskeletal assessment with an emphasis on the vestibular system. Even the slightest concussion can cause significant functional vision dysfunction that impacts day-to-day quality of life. As a key part of the evaluation process, Dr. Jalili relies on the RightEye technology to extrapolate objective data to pair with the musculoskeletal assessment and create a complete analysis and treatment plan.

“As a practitioner, we need to not only treat patients so they feel better, but give them hope to move on with their life and have a better life than their symptoms,” says Dr. Ashkan Jalili. “Try to listen to the patients, don’t label, don’t go to the symptoms.”

Watch the full conversation with Colette and Dr. Jalili to hear their advice for patients suffering through a TBI and how Colette has been able to regain her quality of life with Dr. Jalili’s care.