Reading EyeQ
Helps Support You in the Identification of Hidden Vision Tracking Issues

One in four children has a vision problem that affects learning.

Even students with 20/20 eyesight can have functional vision issues at the core of their learning problems. In fact, 50% of vision disorders go undiagnosed. Why? They share the same symptoms as many learning disabilities, including letter reversals, poor handwriting, low comprehension, short attention span, disinterest, and more.

RightEye sees how a patient sees.

The RightEye Vision Tracking System records and analyzes how a student’s visual tracking performs while reading and, if needed, allows the provider to recommend generalized EyeQ Trainer exercises that are done at home from a patient’s personal computer.

Reading EyeQ reports make improvement easy.

RightEye precisely records and analyzes eye movements, delivering objective, graphical reports. This makes it easy for doctors, patients, their families, and teachers to understand potential contributing factors of the impairment and next steps. The result? Improved, more effective care.

Easily measure functional vision issues.

From binocularity and vergence to ocular motility and more, RightEye can record and analyze eye movements in seconds. And while regular vision tests expose only two or three skills that affect reading and learning, the RightEye eye-tracking system shows almost 20, including:

Eye Movement Skills
Ocular Motility
Depth Perception
Visual Motor Integration
Head Tilt
Reading Regressions
Reading Comprehension

Grow your practice with Reading EyeQ

RightEye can help you expand the care you provide, enrich your patients’ lives, and fulfill your mission as a healthcare provider especially when it comes to students and their parents. Reading EyeQ reports are a path to achieving the trusted, long-term relationships that determine your office’s vitality.

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