Seeing 20/20 on an eye chart is not enough. Life’s most essential activities require dynamic vision skills. Without dynamic vision skills, our balance, eye-hand coordination, reading comprehension, ability to drive and catch a ball, and our overall wellness is all compromised.

In this article on Healio, Dr. Keith Smithson explores the real-world impact of having good dynamic vision and recommendations for testing. In the case of first responders, having keen dynamic vision can enhance readiness, increase performance, and decrease the risk of injury.

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Keith Smithson, OD, practices at Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry. He is the director of visual performance for the Washington Nationals, the team optometrist for the Washington Wizards, Spirit, Mystics, D.C. United, and the Washington Football Team, and vision performance consultant for the Washington Capitals. Dr. Smithson is also an advisor for RightEye and can be reached at