Often times we are asked if having clear vision means that our eyes are working well. In other words, is “20/20” all that’s needed to see well? The answer: NO!! It is important to see clearly (visual acuity) it is also important to move the eyes quickly and without fatigue (visual strength). Once those visual foundations are achieved what is most important is that you know where to look when.

The visual system is the most important sense for quality performance and there are many aspects to human vision (see below). All these components play a role in achieving excellence. Do you see everything you need to be at your best?

Visual ComponentVisual QuestionSystemProfessionalWhat do I do to check my level of performance?
Visual AcuityCan you see clearly? Do you have visual impairments?Eye anatomyOptometristComplete an eye exam annually
Visual NutritionHow healthy are your eyes? For instance, can you see contrast in colors?Eye biologyOphthalmologistCheck the health of your eyes
Visual StrengthHow quickly and accurately do you move your eyes? Do your eyes fatigue or can they maintain quick movements over long periods of time?Eye musculatureOptometristVision TherapistOphthalmologistEngage in visual exercise program
Visual SearchWhere are you looking? How are you interpreting what you are seeing?Visual system as it relates to the brain processingOptometristVision TherapistFunctional vision exam
Visual PerformanceHow is your vision impacted by how you feel? Does stress impact vision?Visual system as it relates to mental processes and changes in biochemistryPrimary Care MD OptometristFunctional vision exam
Visual Peak PerformanceAll of the aboveBiological, musculature, biochemical, mentalAll of the aboveAll of the above

Components of the Human Visual System