Functional Vision EyeQ
Turn a standard vision exam into more. Much more.

A productive life needs more than an eye chart.

Our world is far from static. From driving a car to staying balanced on stairs and beyond, life’s most basic activities require a complex range of functional vision skills—skills that an eye chart cannot measure alone. The American Optometry Association (AOA) agrees, recommending that doctors evaluate for functional vision, in addition to visual acuity.

Functional Vision EyeQ instantly illustrates eye-movement issues to help you uncover health conditions.

RightEye Functional Vision EyeQ uses advanced eye-tracking technology to quickly and objectively analyze eye movements to support in the identification of visual tracking impairments that may impact quality of life. Headaches? Problems with coordination? Feeling “off” or “just not right”? These can be examples of how a person’s health is affected by vision impairments.

At your fingertips: an easy-to-read report.

Functional Vision EyeQ reports are quantifiable evaluations, which can help doctors see precisely how their patients see. The reports also provide access to generalized oculomotor exercises via our EyeQ Trainer program that can be done from a home computer. But it’s even bigger than that: the reports’ graphical charts and diagrams make it easy for patients to understand their own vision status—a key component of better doctor-patient relationships and increased participation in treatment.

Measure more. Measure faster.

In mere moments, doctors and therapists can utilize RightEye to support in interpreting issues with eye-movement skills that impact an active life, including:

Eye Alignment
Dynamic Visual Acuity
Eye Teaming
Depth Perception
Object Tracking
Gross Visual Motor
Visual Perception
Visual Integration

Add as a pretest. You won’t miss a beat.

With a five-minute test that can be administered by any office personnel, Functional Vision EyeQ easily fits into the office workflow and adds an invaluable dimension to every standard exam.

Test like you’ve never tested before.

It’s your turn to become more to your patients. RightEye can help you deliver the modern approach to healthcare your patients want. Imagine the impact you can make on their lives and your practice.

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