Brain Health EyeQ
Link eye movement function to brain performance like never, ever before.

No more “follow my finger” tests.

Eye movements can reveal how well the brain is working. But the classic “follow my finger” test is limited by, well, the finger. This subjective evaluation is imprecise for even the most skilled practitioners. There has never been a high-precision measurement tool for eye tracking. Until now.

This, you gotta see.

RightEye uses advanced eye-tracking technology and scientifically verified protocols to give patients a deeper, clearer evaluation of their brain’s levels of activity. Our five-minute, non-invasive assessment uncovers eye-movement patterns and functional vision issues that may be the result of neurological problems and helps care providers quantify changes. And it provides all of this data in a nice, neat, easy-to-read report.

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The report that identifies, quantifies and astounds.

The Brain Health EyeQ report is a graphical, patient-friendly presentation of advanced metrics. It showcases the severity levels of functional vision skill problems and how this may relate to brain performance. Using the EyeQ report’s measurements allows doctors to identify issues and then make recommendations for improvements, which may include RightEye’s EyeQ Trainer.

Fast. Objective. Accurate. And did we mention objective?

Eight objective, computer-based tests replace traditional subjective, manual tests for the most accurate results:

Circular Pursuit
Horizontal Pursuit
Vertical Pursuit
Horizontal Saccades
Vertical Saccades
Choice Reaction Time
Discriminate Reaction Time
Fixation Stability

Brain Health EyeQ is smart for your practice.

Only RightEye allows your practice to easily and clearly reveal the connections between brain and vision. It’s an extraordinary opportunity that can transform your patients’ overall health, and their lives. Your practice will thank you.

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