What’s different about Serena Williams’ or Mike Trout’s visual search compared to everyone else’s?

When it comes to visual-search patterns (knowing where to look at the right time) the “best” in their domain, whether it be athletes, Military Service Members or surgeons, do it differently than the “rest” of us. The best athletes have visual cues and routines coupled with their physical routines that enable them to perform the best, every time and even under stressful conditions. The best, also know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. In other words, if the best athlete looks at a certain spot every time, for example the pitchers arm in baseball, then you better believe it is important!! They are getting information from that cue that will help them look into the future, in other words it is Mike Trout’s crystal ball and allows him to determine things like, speed or type of pitch. The same is true for Serena Willams or any other outstanding performer who needs vision to perform well. Here is a list of visual search characteristics that the best do, compared to the rest.