Brand New.
More Powerful than Ever.

RightEye v4.0 brings a fresh look to the Dashboards, reports, and tests you use most, making it easier than ever to uncover, illustrate, and improve dynamic vision. A new module connects dynamic vision to everyday wellness. And an updated and expanded analytical dataset is the gold standard for eye movement behavior across the age spectrum.

— New —
Dynamic Vision Report

Uncover hard-to-identify eye movement impairments in real-time with a modernized oculomotor test that compares results to age-based norms, previous results, or both.

— Robust —
Reference Data

Our reference data grew by 1,933%, providing more comprehensive benchmarks and more specific age groupings.

— Modern —
User Interface & Design

With a redesigned dashboard, navigation, and login, the RightEye portal allows you to get more done, faster.

Introducing the Dynamic Vision Assessment Module

Life is not static, it’s dynamic.

Dynamic Vision better encapsulates the need for healthy eye movements in life’s most essential activities, and the Dynamic Vision Assessment Module provides insight into eye movements like never before.

  • Better Understand

    New, easier-to-understand individual scores for pursuits, saccades, and fixations

  • Easily Track Progress

    Track progress and trends by viewing up to three assessments on one report

  • Uncover Faster

    Uncover hard-to-identify eye movement impairments in real-time

Compare and Understand Like Never Before

The gold standard for eye movement data.

Our latest RightEye reference data is 19 times larger than the previous reference population. This allows RightEye to establish a baseline distribution for a more granular measurement. This larger reference data can be utilized to compare and measure against an individual user’s score.

Get More Done, Faster

A dashboard reimagined.

Being efficient and effective has never been more essential. The RightEye dashboard has been totally redesigned — from login to user management — providing you more information, faster.

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