Randy Fuerst, OD, FAAO

EYEcenter Optometric
California, USA

Dr. Fuerst is improving patient care and growing his practice with new medical-oriented services. “Showing the patient the before and after and the improvements that take place is incredibly powerful,” he says.

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Keith Smithson, OD

Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry and Sports Vision Pros
Alexandria, VA

Dr. Smithson uses eye-tracking technology to develop baselines and show markers of recovery. The objective data helps get athletes back on the field safely.

Brain Health EyeQ

Sports Vision EyeQ

Frederick Edmunds, OD

XstremeSight Sports Vision
New York, USA

Dr. Edmunds identifies skill deficits and personalizes improvement programs for elite athletes. “There is no other system that allows you to effectively evaluate ocular movements,” says Dr. Edmunds.

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