Randy Fuerst, OD, FAAO

EYEcenter Optometric
California, USA

Dr. Fuerst is improving patient care and growing his practice with new medical-oriented services. “Showing the patient the before and after and the improvements that take place [after treating them with EyeQ Trainer or other therapy] is incredibly powerful,” he says.

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Adam Clarin, OD

Clarin Eye Care
Florida, USA

Dr. Clarin is growing his practice and providing better care for children. “RightEye is a big difference maker in helping parents understand exactly what’s going on with their kids’ vision,” says Dr. Clarin.

Functional Vision EyeQ

Reading EyeQ

Jennifer Kungle, OD, FCOVD

Center for Vision Development
Maryland, USA

Dr. Kungle measures progress of patients going through vision therapy. “RightEye is extremely helpful in showing the patient and especially parents what I’m seeing,” she says.

Functional Vision EyeQ

Reading EyeQ

Cathy Stern, OD, FCOVD

My Vision Doctor
Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Stern makes patients more confident in her vision therapy recommendations. “When I bring someone in front of RightEye and show them how they performed, I don’t have to say another word. They just get it,” she says.

Brain Health EyeQ

Functional Vision EyeQ

Reading EyeQ

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