David Booker

VP of Channel and Distribution

David has over 25 years of executive experience, leading and growing companies across the globe. Having led several companies through major transformations, David has learned the importance of focusing on what really matters and then executing on the objectives. His broad responsibilities as an operational executive provide him with significant experience in all functions of a business.

David’s path to RightEye began in sales and sales leadership before moving into executive roles. As President of the Canadian subsidiary of Learning Tree International, David and his leadership team grew the business substantially, exceeding client expectations, developing systems and processes, and providing a valuable return to all stakeholders – clients, employees, suppliers, and investors. Later, as the COO of Learning Tree International, David had executive responsibilities for all international subsidiaries.

In 2015, David joined Stratford Managers as COO. In partnership with the SLT, David led the business to triple-digit revenue growth over the next 4 years while developing the infrastructure for future growth, clarifying the notion of the business, and improving customer experience.

David is co-author of ‘7 Step To The Boardroom’ published in 2013. In the book, David describes his trademarked ‘Career Acceleration Process’, designed to help people get ahead in their careers.

David lives with his wife and four children in Ottawa, Canada. Together with his wife Julie they run a family business ‘Wig Stories’, a mission-driven venture that supports cancer patients while they go through chemotherapy treatment.