World’s Largest Eye-Movement Registry Holds 183 Billion Eye-Tracking Data Points Helping Eye Care Providers Accurately Detect Binocular Vision Disorder and Other Conditions 

BETHESDA, Md., May 31, 2022 – RightEye, the world’s leading eye-tracking biomarker company, announced it surpassed 5 million patient tests administered using the FDA-cleared RightEye Vision System™. The RightEye Insight™ Database is the largest registry of eye-movement data points in the world holding more than 177 billion eye-tracking data points. By harnessing this data, RightEye, along with its thousands of clinicians, can better understand how eye movement behaviors may relate to clinical conditions such as Binocular Vision Disorder, Parkinson’s disease, Lyme disease, and traumatic brain injury. 

“Our primary sense is sight. Our eye movements reflect the health of our brain. Using new and innovative techniques such as AI and machine learning, we can help health care providers detect patients’ health earlier, quantitively, and accurately for many conditions,” said RightEye Chief Science Officer Dr. Melissa Hunfalvay. “More data provides a greater understanding of development across the lifespan allowing effective baseline comparisons to new patients with similar age, sex, and ethnicity comparisons.”  

The 5 million-test milestone includes data from nearly 50 different eye movement assessments including saccades; smooth pursuits; fixation stability, motor function, cardinal gaze, and reading tests to identify binocular vision, functional vision, brain health, and other undiagnosed vision problems.   

“RightEye has opened the door, allowing us to quickly identify problems our patients might be suffering from and detect those conditions early and find a solution. We don’t know what we can’t test for,” said Dr. Keith Smithson, OD, of Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry.  

With more data captured through every test, RightEye has the ability to provide specific information to guide health care providers, specifically in the eye care industry, to a better understanding of the results, enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding treatment.  

“As a result of the increasing number of tests and client feedback, we’ve recently made product improvement by adding new tests to our automated Binocular Vision testing system and including expanded analysis in the reports to assist eye care providers in their treatment recommendations,” said RightEye CEO Adam Gross.  

“Eyecare has always been an important market for our business. In the past decade, we have made significant strides to penetrate the broader group of eye care providers by bringing a superior product to clinicians to deliver the best care for their patients. By crossing this milestone, RightEye is charged to become a standard in every vision care practice and continue changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients, students, and athletes,” said RightEye CEO and Founder Adam Gross. 

About RightEye 

RightEye is an eye movement behavior biomarker company using advanced eye-tracking technology to revolutionize vision care and provide critical medical research. RightEye technology assesses vision and eye movement issues by following an evidence-based, metrics-driven methodology. Using an advanced cloud-based platform, the RightEye Vision System provides data-rich reports and analyses that offer an objective, measurable way to view the quality of a person’s eye movement and monitor the success of various treatments. RightEye customers include recognized eye care providers, professional and amateur sports teams, hospital systems, rehabilitation facilities, and the U.S. military.