A Mobile App to Screen Dynamic Vision Skills

The RightEye Mobile App with iScreener ™ was designed to quickly and accurately screen for dynamic vision skills by examining how the brain processes visual information to enable a person to function in an ever-changing environment.

A short series of 1 minute, engaging, and self-administered oculomotor tests can be accessed on any iOS or Android mobile device. At the conclusion of each test, dynamic vision concepts are evaluated and scored.

If the results are poor, the RightEye Mobile App will recommend further in-depth testing and/or vision training through a local RightEye provider to evaluate, and interpret dynamic visual ability.

How it Works

The Mobile App & iScreener examines dynamic vision by testing how information from the visual pathways are understood, decided, and acted upon.

iScreener tests examine the pathways that carry dynamic visual information from the eyes through the brain to final action. Each short test examines the transfer of motion-related information, and the ‘crosstalk’ between different regions of the brain known to delay responses in dynamic situations.

Mobile App iScreener Tests

The iScreener delivers five eye-tracking tests in just minutes, via a unique gamified, mobile format and tests for dynamic vision concepts, including:

Object Tracking