It was March 21, 2012 and Melissa Hunfalvay had just beaten Adam Gross in a recreational tennis match. Never a spoilsport, Adam congratulated Melissa on her win and sparked a conversation that went something like this: (Melissa) “I’m a former professional tennis athlete, coach and researcher who’s developed therapies and training programs based on eye-tracking assessments.” (Adam) “I’m a serial entrepreneur drawn to relevant technology that has a direct, positive, quantifiable impact on real lives.” (Together) “We should start a company!”

The rest is RightEye history.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Melissa Hunfalvay

Co-Founder &
Chief Science Officer


Chief Revenue Officer

Image: Jan DeFalco BioJan DeFalco

VP of Customer Success

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VP of Channel and Distribution

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VP of Marketing & Sales Operations

TEDx Talk

From the Blog

TEDx Talk

The Doc Rocks at TEDx

RightEye's Dr. Melissa Hunfalvay explains how our eyes are a window to our health.

From the Blog

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