“I love my RightEye system. I had no idea I would be able reduce the number of tools I needed to do my job. Now when I test teams, or do rehabilitation, I have one system that assesses vision, performance and brain health. The combination of visualizations of eye movements and objective data delivers everything I need to provide the highest level of patient care. Their team of experts go above and beyond to provide top notch support.”

Dr. Phillipe Croisetiere, DC
Optimum Chiropratique

“RightEye gives invaluable information on my patients especially those with concussion, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and stroke. My patients and their caregivers can see the dysfunction and know that what they are experiencing is real and not in their “head”.”

Dr. DeAnn M. Fitzgerald, OD
Dr. D.M. Fitzgerald & Associates

“RightEye is bringing binocular tests back to the core of the optometry profession. The state-of-the-art tests are quicker and easier, fully objective, less intimidating for children, and can easily be delegated to an assistant or technician.”

Dr. David Biberdorf, OD
Advanced Neuro-Vision Systems, LLC

“I am impressed by ability of the RightEye system to quantify eye movement skills.It clearly demonstrates any problems that show up during workup exams, as well as progress during reevaluations for my patients and their parents.”

Dr. Stuart Rothman, OD
Vision Therapeutics, LLC

“Using the RightEye system with TBI patients and sharing reports with neurologists and pediatricians in the community has caused our referral business to sky rocket. They really appreciate the objective information, and the images of the eye movements make it easy for them to see the issue. I love my RightEye system!”

Dr. James Deom O.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.O
Medical Director of The Scleral Lens Institute
The Dry Eye Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania
Hazleton and Stroudsburg Eye Specialists

“RightEye eye-tracked tests and training provides opportunity and resolution in development of athletes and parents and is a predictor of success.”

Rick Riccobono, Director
USA Baseball Business Development

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