Sports Vision EyeQ

Improves athletic performance by identifying and addressing vision strengths and weaknesses.

RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ improves athletic performance by identifying vision strengths and weaknesses. A series of tests quickly measures and analyzes eye movement, processing and motor skills and provides real-time reports and recommendations to improve sports vision with vision training exercises. Over time, Sports Vision EyeQ supports measurement of sports vision improvement from the training exercises. Used by amateur and professional teams including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS and NCAA.

A similar Performance Vision EyeQ is available for military and law enforcement personnel.


Fast, objective, repeatable tests that identify specific aspects of performance vision only possible using eye tracking.

Sports Vision EyeQ tests uniquely measure and control the starting location and time of the test by monitoring exact gaze location on screen before stimuli is shown, the elapsed time to move eyes to stimuli, and the processing time separate from the total reaction time. Other tests only measure total reaction time from when stimuli shown and user responds. Cardinal Gaze measures random saccade speed in each direction, assessing both strength and health of directional eye movement.

Sports Vision EyeQ consists of up to 15 tests taken together or alone and varies by sport and time available:

  • Pursuits and saccades important to different sports
  • Static visual acuity
  • Distance between the eyes, pupil size and ability to fixate
  • Dynamic visual acuity (head moving, head still and object moving, both head and object moving)
  • Simple, choice and discriminate reaction time
  • Eye Dominance
  • Ability to see contrast


Tests automatically generate a report that is accessed online. Report includes details of right eye, left eye, and both eyes’ behavior vs. norms and includes:

  • Visual acuity both static and moving
  • Accuracy and teaming of the eyes in all directions
  • Visual speed, processing and reaction time in choice and discriminate situation
  • All aspects of performance vision in milliseconds including maximum speed of object when appropriate
  • Latency of eye movements


Total set of tests takes from 8-13 minutes depending on sport and frequency


  • RightEye Functional Vision EyeQ: Sports Vision can be affected by binocular vision issues. The Functional Vision EyeQ tests identify vision problems, help identify when to refer out, and monitor improvement.

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