Brain Health EyeQ

Evaluate vision skills and see how each skill relates to a specific area of the brain, based on the latest peer-reviewed research.

With RightEye Brain Health EyeQ you can collect baseline scores or screen for vision skill issues, and visualize which area of the brain could benefit from training. A series of tests quickly measures and analyzes eye movements and provides real-time reports and recommendations to improve vision skills.


Fast, objective, repeatable tests that replace subjective, manual tests in an office setting.

Brain Health EyeQ consists of 8 individual tests and takes 6 minutes:

  • Circular, horizontal and vertical smooth pursuit
  • Horizontal and vertical volitional saccades
  • Reaction times including choice and discriminate
  • Fixation stability


Tests automatically generate a report that is accessed online. Report includes online video replay of pursuits, details of right eye, left eye, and both eyes’ behavior vs norms and include:

  • Visualizations of each test along with metrics of speed, accuracy, velocity error, disparity between eyes, reaction time, visual processing and more.
  • Statistics on age-based normal eye behavior with standard deviation.


Brain Health EyeQ takes 6 minutes


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