There are 1.7 million brain injuries reported each year in the United States, the majority of which are concussions.

And because more than half of the brain’s cortex is dedicated to processing visual information, vision problems may be one of the most reliable indicators that something isn’t functioning correctly. It’s especially challenging with kids; children who experience visual dysfunction after a concussion take a month longer to recover than an adult.

All of this means optometrists have a critical role to play in helping to evaluate concussions and brain function alongside an interdisciplinary treatment team.

In our newest guide, we’ll help you understand the opportunity to bring concussion management capabilities into your optometry practice, including:

• A four-step guide to incorporating concussion treatment into your existing practice, gradually and practically
• Input from your peers about how functional vision assessment and concussion evaluation has enhanced their practice and their ability to care for patients
• Tips for letting the professional healthcare community know about your expanded capabilities

We’ll also share the story of an OD in Hazelton, PA who successfully integrated concussion care into his practice, and the practical steps he took to gain the trust of other doctors and therapists so he could become an active and collaborative partner on their treatment teams.

Optometrists today are uniquely positioned to analyze and treat the eye movement disorders that present as part of concussion injuries, and to help patients track their healing and functional vision improvement over time.

Advanced eye tracking technologies are also available to help empower ODs with a deeper, clearer evaluation of brain activity, and easy-to-understand reports that can help illustrate vision issues to patients as well as recommend options for treatment and recovery.

It’s an exciting time to set your practice apart by offering baseline concussion testing, ongoing functional vision assessment, and the ability to work with a team of concussion care professionals to develop treatment plans for ongoing concussion intervention and recovery.

Download our latest guide to get started today.

Concussion Management Guide to Growing Your Optometry Practice