Functional Vision EyeQ Empowers Optometrists to Quickly and Objectively Identify Eye Movement Issues Connected To Brain Health

NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 20, 2019 — RightEye LLC, an award-winning health technology company that uses eye tracking to revolutionize patient care and improve vision performance, today announced the launch of Functional Vision EyeQ, a first-of-its kind automated test that allows optometrists to quickly and objectively identify functional vision issues that affect a host of everyday activities. Once a problem is identified, Functional Vision EyeQ automatically recommends computer-based exercises for patients to do at home, under the supervision of their optometrist. Functional Vision EyeQ will be demonstrated at RightEye booth #1538 during SECO 2019, which takes place in New Orleans, February 20-24th.

Functional vision is how well the eyes and brain work together to process what is seen, and is essential to quality of life. When functional vision issues are left untreated, life’s most basic activities—such as driving, reading, having good balance and coordination, walking and playing a sport—are negatively impacted and affect how well one navigates the world. While today’s standard eye exam checks for static visual acuity as well as physical health for such diseases as glaucoma and cataracts, it has not until now been able to effectively evaluate how the two eyes function together. The American Optometric Association (AOA) agrees, recommending that doctors evaluate for dynamic eye focusing, eye teaming and eye movement, in addition to visual acuity.1

Through a series of quick, gamified tests, Functional Vision EyeQ is able to identify issues with dynamic vision skills, including eye alignment, eye teaming, depth perception, object tracking, gross visual motor, and visual perception and integration. Once completed, the test generates easy-to-read and quantifiable reports that foster doctor-patient communication and understanding of identified conditions, as well as a customized home-based treatment plan.

Functional Vision EyeQ tests are conducted using the RightEye eye-tracking system, the first office-friendly, all-in-one-solution for vision-derived health testing, tracking eye movements and correlating them to health issues. The device is not much bigger than a laptop, works wired or wirelessly, can be operated by any office personnel and generates reports in moments.

“Functional Vision EyeQ enables optometrists to move away from rudimentary manual eye motility exercises that are limited in their ability to uncover issues related to vision function, to truly comprehensive and quantifiable evaluations,” said Adam Gross, RightEye co-founder and CEO. “This is critical as functional vision is the vision everyone needs to live, work and play safely and successfully.”

“RightEye Functional Vision EyeQ is a revolutionary tool that has allowed me to differentiate my practice by expanding our practice’s ability to assess, evaluate and treat patients with functional vision issues,” said Kristopher May, OD, Coldwater Vision Center, located in Coldwater, Ashland and Tishomingo, MS. “All of this allows our practice to provide more comprehensive care and unparalleled education that not only makes us stand out, but helps us take better care of our patients.”

For more information on Functional Vision EyeQ and RightEye’s advanced eye-tracking solutions, visit RightEye booth #1538 at SECO 2019 or

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